The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.



1:1 Coaching Partnerships with Tiffany


Together, we embark on a deep, transformational journey starting with a 6-week or 3-month commitment.


Together, we peel back the layers and uncover your true essence and authenticity so you are able to get crystal clear

on what you truly desire.


Together, we address any mental or spiritual blocks that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams and

living full out in your purpose.

Together, we create a strategy to take aligned action steps to make your dreams a reality.


Ready?  With each week, as you create and stick to healthy habits and let go of self-defeating behaviors, you will

experience more peace, joy and freedom. Learn to harness your power and live fully in your courage zone. 

  • 6 Weeks Customized Rock The Camera + Speaker Program 

  • 90 Day Transformation (most popular) 

  • 6 Month Accountability (must have completed 90 Day Program) 

First Step: Download and fill out the brief application then return to info@tiffanyhendra.com for review.

You will be contacted for a complimentary consultation. 



 1 hr Weekly Soulful Sessions                                            

 Accountability Text Access                                                

Monday Motivation via Voice Memo                                 

Visionboard Creation                                                         

Journal Prompts

Unlimited Email Access for Additional Support

Ongoing Prayer + Affirmations

Resource Recommendations

Beauty, Image, Wellness Guidance

Self Love Rituals

authentic, confident, fierce, powerful, joyful, stylish,

spiritually fit, successful and healthy?

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself at your most


Isn't it time you stop hiding and introduce her to the world? 

It would be my honor to help you make it a reality!  


  • Morning Routine + A Spiritual Workout

  • Personal Relationships/ Healthy Boundaries

  • Mindset Makeover

  • Goal Setting/ Time Management

  • Vision Board + Visualization

  • Faith Building/Aligning with God 

  • Breathwork/Parasympathetic Anxiety Reduction

  • Self-Esteem/ Confidence Building

  • Power of Affirmations/ Autosuggestion

  • Balancing Masculine + Feminine Energy 

  • Living with Unapologetic Authenticity

  • Finding Your Voice + Speaking Your Truth  

  • Energy/ Raising Frequency

  • Self-Care/ Self-Love Routine

  • Wealth Consciousness

  • Purpose/ Calling 

  • Book/ Podcast Resources 

  • Healthy Habits

  • Image/ Personal Style

  • Buddy Shopping for Wardrobe + Makeup/Skincare (additional cost)

Tiffany Hendra hosting panel discussions in Dallas, TX at Stylecon 2017.

So thankful to have this beautiful soul help and guide me through this life journey.  Tiffany has changed my life in just a few short weeks and I’m so blessed and can’t express my level of gratitude. 



Christy Dunaway Smith, So Fort Worth It blog, hostess, influencer

I've grown my ladyballs and owning it!  Implementing the new morning routine and deepening my prayer life has given me greater clarity and focus. 

Thanks Tiff! 



Ashley Brown, Author, Youtuber, Ashley Empowers

Tiffany, thank you for walking in your calling and being such a light and positive example! Thank you for speaking life into us. I'm so grateful for your words of wisdom. 


Media Personality +

Business Coach

Whitney Kutch, lifestyle blogger, fashion, influencer, Whit's Kitch YouTube Channel

Tiffany has a unique gift to pull authenticity out of people. She helped me find my voice and the confidence to start my YouTube Channel. She is living her true calling in helping others find theirs.  





From hundreds of nerve-wracking TV auditions to the daunting task of sharing my heart on my iPhone camera, I know how challenging it is to "put yourself out there" and speak authentically on video. I've gone through the trial and error of starting my YouTube Channel, Sanctuary Of Style, as well as pitching my show idea to Oprah's OWN Network and Mark Burnett, executive producer of The Apprentice, Survivor and The Voice. (talk about having to put your big girl panties on!) Oh, and let's not forget the wildest and most challenging of all - being cast in Bravo's Real Housewives Of Dallas season one. Bottom line, I've seen and experienced it all in the media arena and it's been a pleasure to work on networks like NBC, Showtime, Comedy Central, FX, Vh1 and more.   

What you can expect from on-camera coaching

with me?



Together, we will gauge what level you're at with your on-camera confidence, charisma, presence, delivery, vocal range, image and content creation. I always meet each client right where they are!  Together, we will map out a strategy to achieve the results you desire whether it's increasing engagement on social media and building your biz or getting ready for TV segments on your press tour.


Limited budget? Women experience great success with my 6-Week


A fraction of the cost of working with me privately one-on-one.

Use code ROCK10 at checkout.

Hear what Lifestyle + Health Coach,

Lindsay Rene Martin has to share about

her experience with Rock The Camera Online.

the pressure is off of you to "perform" When you make the message the star.


  • Controlling Your Nerves

  • Success Strategy + Visualization

  • Charisma + On-Camera Presence

  • Effective Communication: On-camera + Spokesperson

  • Natural Delivery Reading the Teleprompter 

  • Hosting Off Bullet Points (personality driven hosting style)

  • Host Interviewing Skills

  • Co-hosting Skills

  • Makeup + Wardrobe Tips for Camera 

  • Branding Yourself

  • Defining Your Message w/ Authenticity

  • Tips for Starting A YouTube Channel

  • How to Utilize Facebook Live + Instagram Video for Business 

  • Social Media Guidance

  • Writing, Developing + Producing Impactful Content


"ROCK THE CAMERA" (plus speaker training)


Most Popular Voice + Visibility Training  

Tiffany Hendra press on E! Entertainment Television with host Carissa Culiner for Real Housewives of Dallas

Imagine your YouTube Channel or Facebook Lives with comments    

from people all over the world expressing 

how your videos are making an impact on their life! 

THose people need your message + it would be my honor to help you share it!

First Step: Download and fill out a brief application. Email it to info@tiffanyhendra.com