All of the affirmations you shared with me, the conversations, the new ways of perceiving people and ways of looking at things have been so incredibly priceless to what I’ve been navigating. YOU!!!! My powerful, powerful Godly, promoted, audaciously bold woman are amazing! I can’t even think of a word that would do justice to what I think God thinks when He hears your name other than Queen.  You have made such an incredible impact on my life and I will never forget it!

Farrah Rudd, Real Estate Mogul , Ohio                                                                                        www.farrahrudd.com                                                       


One of my all time favorite authors, C.S Lewis once said “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…”. How I wish I could shout this message to the world! In an age where it’s tempting to put an expiration date on our dreams, I am so thankful for a friend and mentor in Tiffany Hendra who did not dare let me go through life believing I was too old to reach my dreams. I took Tiffany’s workshop being new to the hosting industry and not really knowing what to expect, but all I can say is “WOW!” I learned so much and took away so many valuable nuggets from her course that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. It truly changed my life for the better and gave me the confidence and tools I needed to continue sharpening my skills. This course isn’t just for actors or hosts. If you have EVER wanted to improve your communication skills, work towards hosting a show, start your own YouTube channel, become a speaker or author or anything, this is the course for you. I am telling you, this course will change your life by inspiring you to dig deep, challenge yourself and learn how to share your message with passion and purpose. I never want to miss a workshop!

Amy Robbins, CEO Alexo Athletica, TV Host, Gun Expert, Dallas 


I’m a TV host with a degree in broadcasting. Initially I thought, “how could RTCO really benefit me given my experience and background?” Well! First, Tiffany is the real deal. She’s hosted, produced, modeled, acted and starred in countless productions so her experience is proven. Second, her training gets to the heart of what today’s leader needs to know to shine on camera and on video. But the bonus is she delivers RTCO in a fun, engaging and super stylish format that you can “work” on your own schedule. (And, you can’t beat the price). Already, I’ve polished my presentation style and I’m feeling more confident (and for me, I didn’t think that was possible! Lol!). Oh, and my makeup looks better! Tiffany partners with Daniella Bell to take our makeup to the next level. Tiffany’s training is founded on her own spiritual journey, it’s heartfelt and it’s Tiff’s passion to empower women to live more authenticity on and off camera. I needed a kick and Tiff took a stiletto to my tail! 

Taylor L. Cole Longacre, TV Host + Producer, Dallas. 


During our sessions, Tiffany gave me steps, tools, and guidance towards a new way of waking up to life every morning.  She gave me a spiritual workout to follow and journal exercises  to do for myself and I felt this jolt of energy to do them before we would meet again.  With each session I felt stronger with her.  I felt happier. I felt like I wanted to be like her and like many women out there who “wake up” and empower themselves to live  their best life! 


Gwendolyn Soba, NYC                                                                                                               


Tiffany has a unique gift to pull authenticity out of people.  She helped me find my voice, confidence, and guide me to start my successful You Tube channel for my blog.  I had no idea the scope of her training would exceed far more than camera presence…she got to know WHO I am and customized an approach versus a “one size fits all” program.  Furthermore, she continues to help me far after training by checking in, constructive advice on projects, and lending emotional support.  Even if my goal wasn’t to start a YouTube channel, I would hire her again because the confidence boost is priceless!  Tiffany Hendra is living her true calling in helping others find theirs. 


Whitney Kutch, Lifestyle Blogger, Dallas 


As a public speaker, minister and author, I share my life journey of transformation to help young women overcome their own battles. I needed to sharpen my skills and step out of my comfort zone in order to be a more effective speaker.  Tiffany helped me do exactly that! 

Jessica Youngblood, Author, Dallas 



If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would be co-emceeing an event…on a microphone…in front of 150 people… I would have told you that you were crazy. When it comes to public speaking, I am as shy as they come. I knew I needed coaching on “how to speak in front of people without fainting" and scheduled a 2 intensive sessions with Tiffany.  She is a miracle worker!  I am happy to report that the event was a success and I know that there is no possible way I could have done this without Tiffany.  I wanted to share my experience in hopes that it would inspire someone else to take that leap of faith.  When I attended Tiffany’s workshop in the fall, someone shared the quote “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone,” and it has stuck with me ever since.  You can continue to go through the motions and play it safe, or you can push yourself and do something great. Read full testimonial here

Stacy Conner, Lifestyle Blogger, Fort Worth


Tiffany has the ability to truly connect with people and relate to them. I am so grateful for everything I have learned from her. She speaks from personal experience and I prefer to be coached by someone who has “been there, done that”.   She went beyond my expectations and helped me find my voice, become more confident and go after my dreams. I felt stronger after each session. Tiffany provided me with different tools from using affirmations, to listening to faith-building messages and she even got me started on a new morning routine. This morning routine has changed my life and I can’t live without it now! Tiffany is an amazing role model and I really look up to her. She is authentic, full of energy and truly an inspiration. She has helped me on so many levels and I would definitely hire her again!

José Slofstra, Student, Netherlands 

WOW!! Working with Tiffany completely transformed my life!! The moment a friend introduced me to her coaching, I just KNEW I had to hire her. I didn’t really know exactly why...but I knew that I just felt stuck. Like I could see where I wanted to be, but it’s like my feet were stuck in cement, and I knew that she would be the one to help me figure this out. 


Tiffany empowered me to give myself permission to rock the healthy walk away from things that were no longer serving me and walk towards things that are serving me. Ultimately, I walked (more like sprinted) away from a toxic relationship so that I could fully focus on scaling my success coaching business. Since making that decision, my life has improved drastically! My motivation, drive, and energy are through the roof! My biz is growing like crazy. I started dating a new man who is a serious upgrade in literally every area. My finances have improved. I’m happier. My social life is better. I’m back on my fitness game. The list goes on and on!


Oh, and she taught me to operate from a place of love AND has and continues to connect me with some of the most gorgeous, vibrant, intelligent, Godly, kindheart, and kick ass ladybosses I’ve ever met! #UseYourLadyballs 


Nicolette Winn, Success Strategist & Coach, Dallas


I am so grateful for powerful inspirational women like Tiffany who are not only successful, but want to share their knowledge with others. Her workshop was a breakthrough for me in my writing and speaking. I can’t wait to share my experience with others.

Cherie Rickard, Author, Speaker, Certified Grief Counselor , Louisiana



“I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw this gorgeous woman speaking to ME on video, yes to ME! The message she was giving was about women using their #ladyballs and empowering themselves to step into their purpose.  I had just began building my business and I was looking for someone to help guide and teach me. After a discovery call with Tiffany we both knew right away this was a perfect fit! 

Over the next few months, Tiffany taught me skill sets for building and growing my business, my brand, and she helped me grow CONFIDENCE on how to be on camera and owning my authenticity. 

I didn’t just gain knowledge and growth as a FEMpreneur learning from her, she helped me grow SPIRITUALLY and that was the *KEY* I needed.  I went into my journey with her thinking I would have someone help me understand how to build my business, I ended up with someone who turned into a friend and most importantly connected deeper as sister’s of Christ.  When I describe Tiff...Godly, intelligent, passionate, caring/giving, gorgeous…I mean there just truly aren’t enough words! I continue to work with Tiffany, and I will find every way and reason to continue to have this woman by my side. The decision to work with Tiffany is truly life changing, I highly recommend her coaching and encourage any woman to embrace their #ladyballs!”

Lindsay Rene Martin, Lifestyle Health + Fitness Coach/PCOS Advocate, Houston  www.lindsayrenemartin.com

Video Testimonial: Hear what personal stylist, Lesley Elizabeth has to share about her experience and take-aways from Rock The Camera Online. 

It has been an honor to have been coached by Tiffany Hendra. I hired Tiffany to guide me back into the “business” and help me polish my skills after staying home with my kids for 10 years. She went above and beyond what I needed! After our month of working together, I felt equipped with the skills and mindset I needed to achieve my dreams! Tiffany’s energy and love of life can’t help but inspire you and spill into your life, leaving you feeling excited and re-energized!


Angie Maupin, TV Host, Dallas  


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